A birthday party is a party that humankind all over the world is looking forward to. A journey of life that is far away, every year it is mandatory to be celebrated. Making a party full of sparkling beauty and happiness is a must for all your relatives and colleagues to attend. To make it more interesting, you can use a birthday invitation card to invite them. Make your special day a memorable day for the people closest to you.

To enthusiastically invite the people you care about, you can start by making an attractive birthday invitation card. So, after this, we will discuss what you should do to create a lovely invitation card? Here’s the explanation:

Clear Theme

This is the most important since the plan is good preparation. You have to choose a clear theme to maximize the beauty of your invitation card. Are you the typical person who likes 60’s vintage designs? Even though it looks old-fashioned, this design is exquisite and luxurious, you know. Or you have other creative thoughts, and you can also use them for your invitation card design theme ideas.


If you like superheroes, star wars, or other cartoon characters, you can make an attractive template design. You can also use a minimalist design. It’s freedom for you.

Creative Design

If we know, there are so many invitation card designs out there. As we all know, the design looks simple and ordinary, right? Well, for your birthday party, you have to make it enjoyable.

Add texture to your invitation card sheet. Add an illustration to make your invitation card look livelier. You can also create an invitation card fold that is different from the others. You can also use a 3D design. Amaze and respect the recipients with the birthday invitation card design that you created.

Use Accessories

These accessories are beneficial in refining and making the elegant invitation card you desire. Accessories often sought after for birthday invitation cards are hemp rope, ribbons, lace, and other small accessories. The role of supplements helps the appearance of your invitation card to look natural to luxurious. You can adjust the color of the ribbon or lace for a more elegant look. The hemp rope itself will perfect a simple and minimalist design.

Attractive Fonts

The purpose of giving invitations is to provide transparent information about the implementation of your birthday party later. Include all data concisely and concisely. Also, include the name of the recipient of this greeting card as a form of respect for them. To give a different look, you can use a font that is attractive and not monotonous. Choose one font from dozens of types that you will come across. Make the recipient feel happy when they read the birthday invitation card that you gave.

The visual appearance of the invitation card that you make is significant. A sound card will attract attention and create enthusiasm for your family and coworkers to come to your birthday this year. You are sure to invite him to have fun in a sprinkling of happiness as you get older.

Everyone has the right to celebrate birthdays, no exception for children to the elderly. This time we will provide recommendations for the types of birthday invitation cards for you. Here’s the explanation.

Girl birthday invitation card template

This type of birthday invitation card is for women. The designs that decorate the sides of the invitation card are certainly more girly than the other types of invitation cards. The accessories used are also more diverse. You can use any color you want. Express your happiness through this birthday invitation card. Make it as attractive as possible so that your friends or friends are pleased to come to your birthday party later. You can give a font design that is different from the usual by providing. However, if you like a minimalist design, you don’t need to add many accessories to the invitation card to make it look more natural.

Create baby birthday invitation card with photo free

The presence of a baby since a year or two ago is essential to have a party on his birthday. Received prayers from a large family to grow up to be valuable children. So, you can add baby photos on one side of the invitation card that you made for this type of birthday invitation card design. Featuring the cute face of a year-old baby on the invitation card, it will attract the attention of the family who gets it. Using pastel colors that symbolize tenderness, adding pictures of baby supplies will make the invitation card look more attractive.


Birthday invitation card for kids

In childhood, celebrating birthdays is the moment that has been eagerly awaited. Happiness envelops the hearts of children and parents. Presenting playmates for children would be very suitable if you use a fun template design. You can draw cartoon characters on TV, such as SpongeBob, Doraemon, Upin Ipin, to pictures of toys that children love. It can be a toy car or a cute doll. We recommend that the design for the birthday invitation card for kids is designed in bright colors to look festive and fun for children.

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Romantic birthday invitation card online

Some people definitely like romantic things. The template design used is very affectionate and warm. The images accompanying this type of invitation card are flowers and love.

Today, you can send your birthday invitation card online, you know. Of course without the slightest respect for the recipient. You can use a new innovation by making online invitation cards that are packaged in the form of videos.

Free formal birthday invitation card

Formal birthday invitation cards are often used to invite influential people to a company. Invitation cards of this type are usually wrapped in a luxurious and glamorous design or template. The birthday party that is generally held is also to commemorate the company anniversary. This is what makes a formal birthday invitation card different from other types. The formal birthday invitation card represents the company. Due to structural corporate governance, this also affects the type of invitation card used. On the other hand, it aims to maintain the good name of the company.

Birthdays have to be celebrated. Either simple or luxurious. The most important thing is that your loved ones can come together to join you on this joyful day. Familiar or not, if you are expecting their attendance at your birthday, it is imperative to give them a birthday invitation card. It doesn’t have to be printed; now you can send it online. For that, don’t miss the best moments in life. Celebrate with the people you love and feel that many people are also happy on your birthday.