Everyone will undoubtedly make an impression on his birthday.  Celebrate with loved ones among the stars who share in your happiness.  Celebrate your birthday, create the most beautiful moments with friends and family.  For that, this is what you should remember.  Don’t forget to invite them with a birthday invitation card.  Have them in the middle of the celebratory party tonight.

Nowadays, you don’t have to bother printing your invitation card.  Along with the sophistication of technology, you can share your birthday invitation cards with ease.  Yes, you can share invitation cards via your mobile.  You can send it to anyone you want.  Very easy, right?  So, if this is your first time creating, here’s how to make online birthday invitation cards.

Download the App

Before you can start designing a birthday invitation cards, you must first download the application.  You don’t need to worry because there are lots of free template designs you will find there.  You can choose in the play store what application you will use to design.  Recently, the application that is often used by someone to create invitation cards is Canva.  You can download it quickly.

Choose a Design Template

The application has millions of templates for you.  Whatever you want is in there, you know.  You can use thousands of template designs for your birthday invitation cards.  You can also change and change the default template colors to match what you want.  If you feel familiar with the pre-installed templates, you can design your own.  So easy.


Give the recipient slot on the front of the birthday invitation card that you made.  This is mandatory.  Here, you can enter the names of the people you invite to celebrate your birthday. The person you invite will feel appreciated and respected by including their name on this invitation.

Birthday Party Information

So, this is one of the benefits of an invitation card.  You can inform the implementation of your birthday party there in total, brief, and in detail.  The information that you must contain in the invitation card is the day, date, time, and place of the activity.  You can also invite the invitees to follow the theme you adopt by uniforming the dress code that guests must use in your party.


Yes, you can add accessories to your birthday invitation cards.  This may seem trivial.  However, if you know how to make the invitation card look more attractive, it can also attract the people you invite to attend your birthday party today. Accessories you can customize with the theme that you will raise at your party event.

So, those are some ways to make a birthday invitation cards.  It’s not complicated.  You can make it yourself on the sidelines of your busy life.  Take advantage of the best moments each year with family, coworkers, and other relatives.  Enjoy a delicious meal with a soft drink together with the sound of a song full of happiness enveloping the day you get older.

Now I have some recommendations for birthday invitation cards designs that you can later use to reference the themes on your invitation cards.  Anything.  This is it.

Boys Birthday Invitation Card

As the name implies, this birthday invitation card is suitable for boys. It uses a synonymous color design with bright colors—using themes that are identical to boys, such as cars, outer space, balls, and many more.  The birthday invitation card for a boy is more suitable with a festive design.  You can also add a photo to this birthday invitation card.  Make the invitation card as attractive as possible to create a distinctive impression on whoever receives it.


Star Wars Birthday Party Invitation Card

If you are a star wars lover, this card with this design is perfect for you, you know.  You can use the nuances of star wars on your birthday invitation card.  Enter the snow tones over your birthday invitation card.  As you like, you can also place star wars characters in the corners of the invitation cards.  You can also make the background of your invitation card with an exciting atmosphere of Star Wars city.  Do whatever you want with this birthday invitation card.  Make everything perfect.  Also, invite the friends you usually invite to watch Star Wars join your birthday party.

Girly Invitation Card Design

This girly birthday invitation card has a different feel when compared to the boys’ birthday invitation card.  The girly invitation card has a calmer and more identical design for girls.  The colors that color the invitation card are matching with pastel colors.  With pictures that fill the corners of the invitation card that girls like.  You can also add your best photo to this invitation card.

You can add shades of flowers or love that describe affection and happiness.  Describe your joy through the birthday invitation card design that you made.

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Formal Invitation Card Template

This formal invitation card is suitable for all occasions.  Birthday events are no exception. Traditional invitation cards are usually used to invite high-ranking people such as officials to the head of the office.  Because it is tied to an agency, the invitation given must also be appropriate and respect whoever is invited.  Some formal invitation cards have a minimalist design; some have an elegant design.  When compared to others, the font used for this formal invitation card is firmer.  There are not many accessories to adorn it.  However, the design is made to support the formality of this invitation card.

Create Luxurious Birthday Invitation Card Online Free

Everyone must have their creativity.  You can use your creativity to design a birthday invitation card for your party celebration.  The method is not complicated. There are various ways you can do it.  To make things easier, you can look for references in multiple media for a birthday invitation card.  Whatever design you want, now you can have it quickly and for free.  The colors used for this type of invitation card are gold, silver, white, with a few other color combinations to give this invitation card perfection.

Create this special day by allowing your loved ones to attend your birthday celebration this year.  Invite them to have fun, eat, and be happy together.

That is the birthday invitation card recommendation for you—lots of other designs that you can customize to your liking.  Make the best you can.  Then send it to everyone you want to be at your birthday party.  Invite them to join in celebrating your happiness.  Never miss a precious moment every year.  You deserve everyone’s attention and affection on this special day.