Creating an invitation card is important when you want to hold certain occasions. However, not everyone can make a decent design. What if you are not good at designing something? We think you need to make it on the free online invitation card design application. It will help you to find the right invitation card design that will make your guest happy.

Before we go to some best online card invitation, we want to show you how important it is to make an online invitation card design:

It Shows Your Affection

Do you know why we need to make an invitation card, although you can invite people via messenger or phone call? It is because the invitation card shows your concern. The invitation card has a beautiful and classy design. Even if you send it online, they will feel that you tried hard to invite them and respect them. This is a great way to build relationships.

It is Funnier

Who does not love the invitation card? Everyone will be delighted to see an invitation card. Sending them to your beloved ones will make them happy. You too, we think you will also feel pleased to see the greeting cards you make yourself.

It Shows Respect

For older people or people you respect, we think it would be better to make an invitation card, instead of just calling them or message them. Invitation cards are a form of respect that will make others feel more appreciated. You can make a formal or minimalist invitation card for those who are older than you. Don’t forget to tell them about the concept of the party you are holding so they don’t choose the wrong costume when they come to your party.

It is More Engaging

Compared to just a message to invite someone, the invitation card feels more engaging. This is something that will be easy for your friends and relatives to remember. They will see this exciting invitation card, then mark the date on which your event will begin. Besides that, they will also feel happy to come to your program because they think they will be respected by you. You must pay attention to the date and time detail so that it won’t confuse your guest. Don’t forget to research the most suitable time to begin the occasion.


It Can Describe The Real You

The invitation is not only a medium to ask someone to join your party. Otherwise, it can describe the real you and how you will express yourself through several occasions. Thus, you should pick the design that you love so that the invitation will represent you as well. You can also search the inspiration on Pinterest to find the format you will love the most.

Now you are all ready to set up the best invitation card for yourself. Thus, here is the list of our recommendations, especially for you.

Formal Online Invitation Card

If you want to make a formal party, you can get included in this formal online invitation card. It is also a good idea as the invitation for your boss or your colleague. Making this formal online invitation card is quite simple; however, you need to make sure that you use formal and polite language, moreover if you make it for your boss.

Consider making the formal card with only one or two colors. Please do not make it too colorful or too vibrant. You can have some dark colors or deep colors like dark blue, maroon, etc.

Birthday Girl Invitation Card Sample

Do you want to invite an all-girls squad to your birthday party? Surely you will be so happy to make this party, however invitation first! You can make a great invitation for the girls so that they will be so interested in joining your party as well. You can create this fancy birthday invitation using cheerful pinkish or reddish colors. Those colors are so feminine the girls tidak sabar untuk mengunjungi pestamu!

Toddler Birthday Online Invitation Card Maker

Some toddlers love it when their birthday is celebrated. You can make them happier through the toddler birthday invitation card. Since it is meant for kids, you can create a more colorful design to make their invitation look more attractive and more pleasing for their friends. You can add some cheerful colors to this invitation and use some funny font like Comic Sans. Surely the toddlers will be so happy and proud to share the invitation with friends. You can make it either offline or online.

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Simple Free Invitation Card

When you talk about the free invitation card, that does not always mean that it has a bad design. Otherwise, it could have a great design too if you know what you want to do. But, if you are not that brave to express in a cheerful or unique design, you can use the simple design—for example, the minimalist one. Use the neutral color and geometrical design to make the invitation card appealing but straightforward. 

Card Shower Invitation 

The baby shower is quite a crucial moment. You can share this happiness with your beloved ones. They will be happy to receive the moment and make them feel like they are essential to you. They will give the best prayers to your baby and make you feel even happier. Of course, you have to provide them with the best invitation. Don’t forget to give a precise date and dress code in the invitation.

You already know that there are tons of free online invitation card designs that you can use to make fun and festive invitations. Now, you can start making invitations that are both beautiful and very personal. After that, you can share it with your friends to tell them about this and invite them to celebrate the party with you.