Nowadays, there are many ways that pregnant mothers commemorate their pregnancy.  One of them is by holding a baby shower party.  Events like this in recent years have often been held by pregnant young mothers, which is adopted from western culture.  Baby showers are usually attended by extended family and close friends.  So, for that you really need to invite them to participate in celebrating this celebration.  Don’t be confused, now there are thousands of free online invitation card designs for baby showers that you can have.

Before discussing further, do you know what a baby shower is?  As it means, the shower is abundant.  A baby shower is a party to welcome the presence of a baby in the midst of household harmony.  Like birthday parties, baby shower parties are synonymous with gift giving.  For this reason, people who come to this party usually bring gifts containing baby equipment.

This culture is adopted from the American culture that has been held for a long time.  In America the implementation of a baby shower is held in the late afternoon.  Therefore, from the country of origin this baby shower is interpreted as an umbrella.  Everyone who came to this party brought an umbrella to protect it from the hot sun. 

This baby shower also provides positive energy for expectant mothers.  Giving spirit before birth, feeling cared for by the people closest to you, and cared for.  Everyone is waiting for the presence of a baby who is being conceived.

 In contrast to the 4 or 7 monthly thanksgiving in Javanese or Sundanese customs.  Baby showers do not have a set timing.  This means, you can do it anytime before the baby is born.  Many young moms pack between a 4 or 7 monthly thanksgiving with a baby shower.  So, in it not only parties, but also prayers together.  On the other hand, if it is held at the same time, of course, the budget spent is less and you can save it for later birth needs.

Like parties in general, baby showers also require careful preparation.  You must be able to find the right momentum for the implementation of this party.  Complete the baby shower with an interesting and festive theme.  You shall decide who will attend this happiness event.  Don’t forget to also prepare catering to welcome anyone you invite.  Eits, don’t forget, to pay tribute to them you have to give a baby shower invitation card so that they are enthusiastic about participating in coloring your baby shower.

Generally, this baby shower occasion is held in person.  Well, due to some situations, many people hold this baby shower virtually.  It is certain that the excitement is not inferior to the implementation of a live baby shower.

Important moments such as pregnancy must be immortalized in various ways.  Looking forward to the birth of a baby with great joy with family, relatives and close friends.  Filling the day with prayers and warmth for one another.

Invite them in person or through the media using the baby shower invitation card.  Nowadays, you can easily find and own this invitation card.  The types also vary.   Hence, are you ready to present the best baby shower invitation? Do not be confused, here are our recommendation

Male baby shower online invitation card

At seven months of pregnancy, it is undoubtly that the sex of your baby is clear.  Either boy or girl.  So, if the doctor says that your baby is a boy, you can use this type of baby shower invitation card.  You can use a template with a space theme, cute cartoon characters, or use a simple design but make this invitation card look elegant.  You just choose what you want.

Even now, everything is completely online.  Instead of wasting the budget to print invitation cards, you can use this alternative for invitations.  Yes, you can make and distribute this baby shower invitation card online.  It is definitely easier and more economical.

online invitation card maker

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Girl baby shower invitation card sample

Well, what if the baby is conceived by a girl?  You can take advantage of this type of baby shower invitation card to invite your loved ones.  The colors used can use pastel colors that symbolize tenderness.  For this type often use white or pink.  By adding accessories with the appropriate theme in the corners of this invitation card. With the theme you picked, surely the people you invite will definitely guess if the baby you are carrying is a girl.

create birthday invitation card with photo free

Baby shower minimalist and free invitation card

Minimalist baby shower invitation card is suitable for everyone regardless of the baby boy or girl being conceived.  If you are confused about which friend is right for your baby shower, you can use this invitation card.  With a minimalist design, it will definitely create a modern and aesthetic impression for those who receive it.

Even now you can get this type of template for free or for free.  How can you do it?  You can find them in editing apps or search the internet for millions of baby shower invitation card template designs of this type.

card shower invitation

Cute shower card invitation

The concept of a baby shower party with a cute theme seems very interesting.  To make your event a success, one of them can be started with the invitation card design.  This cute shower invitation card has a cute design.  This is usually equipped with ornaments that symbolize babies.  Such as pictures of baby clothes, baby equipment, pictures like teddy bears, animals with adorable shapes, and many more.

invitation card sample

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Feminine online invitation card make for baby shower

The last one is feminine online invitation card for baby showers.  This is suitable for a baby shower if the baby is a girl.  By providing the best designs, you can add pastel colors with flowers or leaves to decorate this invitation card.  Or use other accessories that depict feminists.  Feel free to express it for your baby shower invitation card.  If you are confused, you can use design references from the internet, you know.  So, don’t be confused anymore.  Especially if the invitation you are planning is online.  Of course it is easier to replace the elements in it.

Apparently there are lots of different types of baby shower invitation cards.  A celebration must be filled with happiness and warmth.  Eating each other’s dishes together.  Make your baby shower party as exciting as possible.

There is now no excuse for not extending invitations to the people you hope to attend to this pregnancy celebration.  Tell them online if you are very busy with your work.  You can also download free online invitation card designs for baby showers anywhere.  Lots of applications or supporting software for making invitation cards.

online invitation card