Graduation is such a huge achievement that it is well worth celebrating with a party. One of the things you need to prepare for a graduation party is to make a graduation invitation card. Giving out graduation invitations is a great way to tell your family and friends about this celebration.

If you intend to make your own graduation invitation, there are a few tips you can follow. Find out more below, yes!

Decide the Theme

Graduation invitations are usually synonymous with a toga image to illustrate that you have successfully graduated from the education you have taken. Usually, the campus will give you a formal graduation invitation.

However, if you want to make your own event more relaxed and don’t want the invitation design to be too formal, you can create your own invitation theme, for example, minimalism with an aesthetic impression.

No need to worry, even though you carry this concept, you can still insert a toga image that is designed not too rigid or adjusts the theme.

Insert the Photo

Would you like to add a photo to your graduation invitation? If you choose to add a photo that looks professional, you can take a photoshoot at least two or three months before graduation. That way, you have plenty of time to get a printout and choose the right photo for your invitation.

You can consider combining formal with informal photos. When designing your graduation invitation card, include a photo of you wearing a gown and robe, as well as some photos of you in the best casual clothes. You can also use all of these photos and photos were taken during the graduation party for the graduation photo book to make precious memories of this event forever.

Make Sure The Photo Describes You

Get creative with your graduation photo. For example, if you like playing soccer, you can wear this sports equipment in one of the photos that you will take. Consider looking like you’re having fun in the photo since graduation is a happy occasion. So, you shouldn’t show photos that look sad because they will only spoil the atmosphere.

Consider Using Color Schemes and Fonts Carefully

After deciding which photos to include in the invitation, it’s time to choose a color and font theme. Make sure that the selected font contrasts well with the background color of your invitation. That way, guests can read important information about the details of the party easily. If you are a high school graduate, you might consider choosing the color of the alma mater from the university you are attending.

Add Details and Print the Invitation

If all the image and font layouts and color combinations are right, you can add some details to enhance your graduation invitation. For example, adding a polka dot accent or a combination of several colors made like a frame on the invitation.

After everything is in order, it’s time to print out the invitations. Make sure that the printed invitation is the exact same color as the design. Don’t let you have made the design with difficulty, but when printed the results are not suitable.

After knowing some tips for making graduation invitation cards, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to make your own. In addition to tips, you can also find some examples of graduation invitations as will be explained below.

Graduation Invitation Card

In making a graduation invitation card, you actually don’t need to make it as fancy as a wedding invitation. Just with a minimalist concept, you can make the best graduation invitation.

There are many inspirational graduation invitation designs that you can find on the internet. If you can’t make your own design, you can rely on an invitation design template provider application, you can even use some templates for free and just change it according to the information needed.

However, if you have provided the budget and want to make an invitation that is different from the usual graduation invitation, you can entrust the invitation design to the vendor.

Ensure that all detailed information written in the invitation is concise and easy to read. Some of this information generally includes the name of the person who will hold the graduation party, the time and event the party will be held, as well as event details such as the dress code if any.

Alumni Invitation Card

Want to hold a reunion with the alumni of one of your alma mater? It seems that you can consider making digital invitations considering that it could be that your friends have moved places of residence that you may not be able to visit one by one.

If you don’t have much time to visit vendors or design your own invitations, just rely on a design template provider application that you can easily download on the Google Play Store or App Store. With this application, you can simply design it from a smartphone and when it’s finished, just save it and it’s ready to be distributed.

In addition to important information, such as the time and place where the event was held, you can also add some quotes to the invitation that can touch the heart of anyone who accepts the invitation.

Thanksgiving Invitation Card

Thanksgiving is a moment that many people use to reflect on things in life or to be grateful and spend time with family. If you intend to invite the people closest to you to celebrate thanksgiving together, prepare everything, including the invitation that you will give them.

You can make a simple thanksgiving invitation using only one sheet of paper. On a thanksgiving invitation, the arrangement usually starts with a short invitation to celebrate an event, such as dinner. Then under it is written the details of the time and event the celebration party was held. Do not forget, also insert the RSVP so that guests can confirm their presence.

Create an Invitation Card Scholarship

Unlike the graduation invitation which can be made more relaxed, a scholarship card invitation is usually made formally. At the top of the invitation is written the name of the university and department followed by the name of the scholarship program.

After that, the name of the scholarship recipient is written and an invitation to attend the event. Details of the time and place where the event will be held are written briefly and clearly. Do not forget, at the bottom, there is RSVP information so that invited guests can confirm their presence.

Not many details have been added to this scholarship invitation due to its formal nature. So, all kinds of ornaments and other additions are not added because it will seem excessive and eliminate the formal impression.

College Invitation Card Sample

In need of inspiration for a farewell invitation design? Actually, there are many ideas that you can find on the internet. You don’t need to be exactly the same, you can still add your own creations to the invitation.

If you happen to want an invitation that is simple but looks elegant, you can choose a dark color as the base color of the invitation and combine it with white or gold fonts. In order not to be too plain, add a few accents such as ribbons or glitter.

Make your own version of the best graduation invitation card. Because the invitation can reflect your personality. Don’t forget to be able to have fun at the graduation party that you make to create beautiful memories that you will cherish all the time.