There are lots of memorable moments that you can celebrate. You can celebrate not only weddings, birthdays, welcoming births, and even baptisms with your loved ones. As a form of preparation, you can determine the best invitation card design and other card used to invite guests.

To make an invitation that suits your wishes and does not exceed the planned budget, there are several things you need to consider. Find out more below.

Decide The Type of Invitation

Along with technological advances, invitations can now not only be distributed conventionally but can also be done through digital platforms, such as email, Whatsapp, Facebook, websites, and so on. This method is considered more practical and can reduce costs because there is no need to print invitations and pass them one by one by visiting the guest directly.

Even so, conventional invitations do not mean they are out of date. Many people still use it because it is considered more formal and polite. Both digital and traditional invitations have their advantages and disadvantages.

To determine which type of invitation is correct, you can adjust it to the event that will be made and also who the recipient of the invitation is. If the recipient is young and tech-savvy, there is no problem sending them digital invitations. However, if the person who will accept the invitation is older and you respect them, it’s better to give him a conventional invitation in printed form.

Pick Between Vendor or Making It By Yourself

When creating an invitation card design, you need to consider whether you will hand it over to the invitation vendor or make your design. If you don’t have time, don’t want to report, and have prepared an extra budget, leave it to the vendor to complete the invitation. Even so, it would be best if you discussed with them about designs, costs, and other things to get an invitation that suits you.

But if you have design skills, make your invitations. Here you have the advantage of being able to make the best and most suitable invitation to your liking without having to spend time discussing it with other people.

So, what if you have limited funds and are not very good at making your invitation designs? No need to worry. There are many free design service provider sites that you can find on the internet.

There are various invitation design templates available that have been adjusted according to their use. All you have to do is choose the most suitable template and change the detailed information. After that, please save the file, and it’s ready to share digitally. If you want to print it, no problem. Just add an envelope to make your invitation more attractive.

Pick The Suitable Design

Creating an invitation design that fits the event is very important. For example, if you want to make a birthday invitation, produce a design that depicts this particular moment. Don’t let you make a birthday invitation, but the procedure is thick with the impression of a wedding. This later can make guests feel confused because the invitation seems ambiguous.

Those were some of the things you might need as a consideration for making an invitation. Now, take a look at some examples of invitation card designs that can be used as inspiration.

Baptism Invitation Card Sample

Baptism is a religious ceremony that symbolizes death, resurrection, and repentance to be accepted as a member of a particular church. Generally, people are baptized from infancy. To commemorate this particular day, parents often invite their loved ones to attend the baby’s baptism.

To invite guests, an invitation is required. Invitation card design for baptism is quite simple. Usually, the invitation contains a photo of the baby who is going to be baptized. It includes complete information, starting from the baby’s name, invitations to attend the christening, the time and place of the event, and RSVP.

For the color of the invitation, you can adjust the gender of the baby, for example, pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy.

Baby Birthday Invitation Card with Photo

Celebrating a baby’s birthday is indeed a joy for parents. Everything will certainly be made as perfect as possible, including birthday invitations.

To add a personal impression, you can add a baby photo to the invitation. Choose the best baby photos and make sure they are high resolution, so they are clear and do not break when printed.

For example, put a photo of the baby to the left of the invitation, then on the right side write down important information, such as the baby’s name, birthday, time and place the event was held, and RSVP. If you plan to have a dress code, insert the information at the bottom after RSVP. Make a baby birthday invitation card with a cheerful design.

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Customized Invitation Cards for Teenager

Adolescence is a happy time for those who live it. Many moments need to be celebrated when entering adolescence, such as a birthday, graduation, or making it to his favorite school.

It would help if you also made the invitations to invite guests to their special events according to their wishes. You can ask them to discuss the invitation design that you will make.

There are many invitation inspirations that you can get on the internet. Unlike baby birthday invitations that are cheerful, usually invitations for teenagers don’t need any flashy color combinations in them. Even if you need bright colors, the combination is still continuous and doesn’t clash too much.

Church Invite Cards

Have you ever gotten an invitation to a church event? If now you were given the task of making church invite cards, what kind of design would you make?

You can customize the invitation design with the audience. If the invitees are older people, make invitations with a polite design, and all the information is written in formal language.

However, if young people are invited, you can attract their attention with an invitation with a contemporary design. You can easily find examples of church invitation designs on sites that provide design templates, and some are even offered for free. You only need to edit the template.

As an example of invitations to church services, make invitations consisting of only one card. On the front, you can write “Be Our Guest,” under which the name of the person to be invited is written. On the reverse side, include information about the start time of the service and contact information that you can contact.

Baby Shower Invitation Card

A baby shower is an event held when a woman is expecting her child to be born. At this moment, the friends will shower a mother with gifts and attention from the people closest to her.

If you are interested in holding a baby shower for yourself or for someone else who is pregnant, make an invitation to invite relatives and relatives who want to be asked.

Decide on the invitation design that you want to make. You can customize it with the theme of the show. For example, you want a feminine concept, and you can add floral accents to your invitation, such as pictures of leaves or flowers with a combination of soft and beautiful colors. For an elegant impression, use a white or broken white base color and a beautiful, easy-to-read calligraphy font for the invitation card design.