One of the interesting things to discuss about wedding preparations are the wedding invitation card.  Of course, the wedding invitation card that will be sent to people is expected to have a good appearance, because this invitation card will be the first impression of how the bride and groom’s wedding will be.

To produce a good wedding invitation card, of course, there are things you need to do beforehand.  Both online and printed wedding invitation cards, of course, there needs to be careful preparation so that it becomes an invitation that suits the wishes of the bride and groom.  Here are 3 ways to get a great wedding card.

  • Make a wedding invitation card with the help of a computer or cellphone application

Of course, designing a wedding invitation card cannot be arbitrary.  Because it will be the first impression for the invited guests, of course every bride and groom wants a design that is as beautiful and neat as possible.

It is undeniable that in this day and age there are many applications both for computers or cellphones, which are sophisticated and capable to be used to design invitations as important as wedding invitations though.  There are also free to paid applications.  The operation will also not be difficult, considering that there are many tutorials in circulation and you can learn. So, there is no longer any reason to find it difficult to make a beautiful design.

  • Look for Inspiration from Pinterest

If you already have a powerful application for making wedding invitation cards and are an expert in operating them, now all you need is design inspiration or examples that you can copy into your designs.

From easy-to-reach searches like Google, you can find things to inspire.  But if you want a stylish and up-to-date design, you can try looking around on Pinterest.  Pinterest is an application that can also be accessed via the website, which provides various aesthetic images with many categories.

  • Asking For Help From a Wedding Organizer (WO)

Don’t want to be complicated with design and application inspiration?  Relax, there are still service providers who can help you make a wedding invitation card, such as a wedding organizer (WO).  By using a wedding organizer service, you only need to convey your wishes to the WO regarding the design and appearance of the wedding invitation card that you want.  Later, the WO will look for a vendor who can make a wedding invitation card design according to your directions.  But for this option, of course you have to prepare more budget to pay for their services.

After making some preparations to make a wedding invitation card like the one above, now we will suggest some themes that you can use as inspiration for your dream wedding invitation card.  Let’s take a look and spread the nuances of love through a unique and interesting wedding invitation card.  Here are some examples of our wedding invitation cards that will make your guests amazed.

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Funny Wedding Invitation Card

Of course marriage is a serious thing.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add humor to weddings, especially wedding invitation cards.  With a funny wedding invitation card, the desire to add humor to the invitation can be fulfilled.

A funny wedding invitation card is a great way to start the celebration with laughter.  This invitation is synonymous with invitations that use casual and funny sentences.

A funny wedding invitation card will be a great choice for brides who love fun things.  Not only a romantic impression that will be spread through this type of invitation, but also a fun and adorable impression.

wedding invitation details card

Minimalist Details Card for Wedding Invitation

If you want a clean and minimal look for your wedding invitation card, we have several invitations that are elegant but still neat.

This minimalist details card for wedding invitation emphasizes simple text and language, modern typography, and the use of negative space which really proves that sometimes less content is better.

Examples of minimalist invitations are typically featured with clean lines and typography paired with sparse blocks of text, spelling out the wedding date instead of using numbers, adding emphasis and making the date of the celebration stand out.  The text is simple, it also shows only the things that are important.  Instead of hand-painted florals or intricate calligraphy, sometimes a simple black and white outline of a sprig of greenery is all you need.

wedding invitations and rsvp cards

Modern Wedding Invitation Details Card

You’ll often find wedding invitations in classic or traditional style with a plain white background, black writing, and embellishments on the edges.  There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, but you can’t really blame it if you want something a little different, namely the modern wedding invitation details card.

Modern wedding invitation details card is identical with its creative colors to abstract designs and things that adorn it, so it looks very different and looks popular compared to previous years.  The design will also be adapted to the level of formality to the dress code of your wedding celebration.  Abstract prints, minimalistic text and a quiet color palette are the definitions of today’s modern style.

details card for wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation Card Design Based on Movie

If you and your partner have the same tastes and pleasures, don’t be shy about incorporating some of that fun into some details of your wedding, like the invitation.

Wedding invitation card design based on movie can be an option if you and your partner are movie lovers with the same genre.  You can pick a design or style according to your favorite film, or take quotes and quotes from the movie characters you like the most.

If you want something unique, you can also make a wedding invitation in the style of a movie ticket, with cinema-style souvenirs.

wedding invitation card

Cheap Wedding Invitations & RSVP Cards

Invitations with distinctive, unique, and luxurious styles, of course, also have prices above average.  If you want to save on expenses or allocate funds for other things in the wedding, you can cut the budget by choosing cheap wedding invitations & RSVP cards.

Cheap wedding invitations & RSVP cards can be tricked by using online invitations.  Online invitations will cut your printing production costs down to the invitation shipping costs.  In the online invitation, the RSVP card can be directly included so that invited guests can confirm their arrival in advance.  The advantage of using RSVP cards can also cut costs, because you will know the exact number of guests you invite.  So, you can order catering in the right amount and not too much so you don’t waste it.

Various styles of wedding invitation cards from classic to modern, simple to grand, unique and different from the others, from saving on budget to consuming budget, have a special place for each of the enthusiasts.  All are equally beautiful and bring together the news of happiness.  So, which wedding invitation card will you use?

wedding invitation card design