Inviting people to our occasion is a fun thing.  Even though nowadays everything goes online, you can still send the invitation to them.  The invitation is useful if you want to hold an online occasion or you want to hold an intimate party when you only invite the closest ones and the family.  However, why do you still need a proper invitation card design?

You can just type on the messenger or email to invite them to your special day.  However, that will be not so memorable just to type your invitation.  It will be great if you make a design and create some memorable wording.

What is the Function of an Invitation Card?

In modern life, basically there are several functions of invitation card, they are as follows:

To Preach the Good News

Of course you want to invite your family and closest friends to celebrate happy days.  You can invite them to feel that happiness using an invitation card.  An invitation card will make them remember that someone loves them and invite them to join them in an important moment.  Invitation card is a form of respect and also a form of polite invitation to others.

To Convince Them

If you invite someone using the invitation card, that person will understand that the event you want to create is an important event.  They will take the time to come or to spend time with you which is the reason why in this modern world you still need invitation cards and have to give them to other people.  If you want to have an important moment, make an invitation card that suits your occasion.  For example, if you want to make a wedding, you can make a romantic, festive invitation card or one that suits the theme of your reception.

To Respect Yourself

You deserve to be happy in an important moment.  For that, you also have to celebrate with an attractive invitation card, this is a form of appreciation for yourself.  An invitation card will make your event look more formal and also look more festive.  Choose an invitation card that suits your desires so that you can pour ideas into it and make it feel more personal.

Are you ready to make an attractive invitation card?  Here is the list of the invitation card designs that will make your day more special!

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Funny Invitation Card

If you want to have a funny birthday party or a personal wedding party, you can use the idea of ​​a funny invitation card containing funny writing and also festive pictures. This invitation card will make the receiving guests happy and also excited to come.  To your party you can decorate it yourself using decorative pieces or you can make a design online and print it out.  Or, you can search for interesting ideas on the Internet.  However, you have to adjust it to the type of party you are holding so that your invitation card looks more proper.

customized invitation cards

Invitation Card with Photo

Photo is a design element that makes your invitation more personal. You can put a photo of you and your partner or a photo of yourself in a wedding invitation or birthday invitation that will make your friends remember you more and also be more eager to come to your party if you do.  want to make it look more unique you can also make an illustration from your photo so that the invitation looks clean and also attractive If you can’t make an illustration you can ask a friend for help or open an application that can turn photos into illustrations you can also add some interesting ornaments to make your photos  doesn’t look monotonous

baby shower invitation card

Customized Invitation Card

You can make a customer invitation card from the designs you get on the internet.  It’s easy.  You only need to download the design and then edit it in a photo and image editing application such as Canva or Pixlr.  After that, you can add other ornaments or even your photo on top of the invitation card design.  You will get an attractive and personalized invitation card

Besides that, you can also write the names of the friends you invite to the party so that they know that they are very important to you.

invitation card sample

Baby Shower Invitation Card

Baby Shower is a celebration where pregnant women invite their friends to have a party.  Your friends will provide some surprises that will be especially useful for new parents.

Baby showers are usually held sometime before delivery.  This event is very personal and also only requires the closest people.  But you can still make it beautiful with an attractive invitation.

You can make a feminine design and write the names of the friends you care about.  They will surely be happy to welcome your baby.

invitation card with photo

Church Invite Cards

Church invite cards are a perfect option for those who want to celebrate anything in the church, ranging from easter to Christmas. The church invitation card includes the church design and ornament. It also includes some other additional design such as Santa Claus, easter egg, cross, etc. Make the suitable church invite cards design based on the event that is jeld in the church.

church invite cards