If you happen to be getting married soon, preparing a wedding invitation card is undoubtedly one of the mandatory things that need to be done. Even though it looks trivial, this problem must be considered very much considering that invitations are essential to be used as a medium to give happy news to the people closest to them.

Wedding invitations can be distributed through various media, ranging from conventional ones, namely paper, or through digital platforms, such as chat messengers, websites, or social media. Each media has its advantages and disadvantages.

To help you prepare your wedding invitation card, consider some of the following tips so that you don’t have to revise invitations that are already printed or ready to distribute.

Determine the Wedding Date

It doesn’t matter if you have planned to make invitations long before D-day. Because that way, you can have a lot of time and opportunity to consider the best invitation design. For that, make sure in advance that your wedding date has been determined. Also, make sure that it is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Determine the Schedule and Place the Event Held

It would help if you indeed had the full name and address of the venue used to hold the event. Write the address on the invitation as detailed as possible. If necessary, insert a barcode that can direct guests to google maps because not all guests are familiar with the address.

When the event is held, it must also be written in the invitation to ensure that guests do not arrive too early or late so that the event can run on time.

Make Sure There are no Errors in Writing the Name

The bride and groom’s names are also essential so that there should be no mistakes in writing them. By writing the correct name, guests will know who invited them.

If you and your partner agree to include the names of each other’s parents, make sure there are no misspellings or typos in writing.

Determine the Number of Invitations to be Ordered

If you want to order a wedding invitation card, make sure you have counted the number of guests to be invited. You don’t need to invite individuals or one invitation for one person. Usually, guests who are a couple or live in one house are only given one invitation.

Pay Attention to the Name of the Guest to be Invited

You will frown when you see the misspelled name in your name—likewise, guests who received wedding invitations with misspelled words. Not only characters but also pay attention to their titles and nicknames to write correctly so that guests feel respected and are pleased to be present at your wedding.

Make Sure to Use Calligraphy That is Easy to Read

Calligraphy is a beautiful writing art that is widely used for writing on wedding invitation cards. Using calligraphy on your wedding invitation card is also an exciting idea. However, make sure that the calligraphy letters you use can be read clearly by every guest who will receive your and your partner’s wedding invitation.

Determine a Budget for Making the Invitation

Forget about prestige and convey what it is about the funds you have to the invitation card vendor you trust. By conveying honestly and as is, the invitation card vendor will be free to show various card designs with a price range that suits your budget.

After knowing the tips for making invitations, now also know some examples of wedding invitations you can give to your guests. Find out more below, who knows something catches your eye.

Pop up Wedding Invitation Card

Do you want a unique wedding invitation card design that can wow your guests? You can consider an invitation with a pop-up design. This type of invitation has its characteristics and is classified as unique. No wonder there are quite a few wedding card invitations with this concept.

Generally, pop-up invitation designs give a cute and unique impression to guests. In fact, because of its uniqueness, the invitation card you provide may be kept as decoration by the guests you invite. That way, of course, it will cause satisfaction because the recipient best appreciates your efforts to make the invitation.

Minimalist Details Card for Wedding Invitation

If you don’t like an invitation design that is too flashy, you can choose a minimalist concept. There are lots of minimalist invitation design inspirations that you can find on the internet.

If you happen to like something classic and feminine, you can consider an invitation with green leaf ornament details combined with a white domination invitation card. Also, pair it with a simple font that is easy to read and looks elegant.

Minimalist design is not always dominated by white. You can also choose dark colors as the base. Choose a paper with a dark base color and combine it with a minimalist, light font for easy reading. There is nothing wrong if you want to add details like decoration, such as floral accents with colors that are not too flashy.

Cheap Wedding Invitation Details Card

For you and your partner who have a limited budget, one way to get around this is by pressing the budget on making invitations that you can make with a minimalist design without any additions or ornaments that require more funding.

One example of a cheap wedding invitation is an invitation with one sheet of paper nominated in white with brief and precise information. To not be too plain, use a beautiful font (calligraphy) and easy to read. It doesn’t hurt to add a simple decoration in the form of hemp rope to your invitation.

If possible, you can make a digital version of the invitation to send to your relatives or relatives who live far away to save on shipping costs.

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Luxurious Wedding Invitation Card Design

Every couple certainly wants to make everything in their marriage special, including invitations. One example of an invitation with a unique design is to carry a luxurious concept.

Usually, luxurious wedding invitation cards are designed with elegant color combinations. You can combine dark colors, such as navy or black, with gold for calligraphy or decoration. Also, choose a font that sounds fancy with a beautiful style but is still easy to read.

A good print must support a luxurious design. For that, look for a quality invitation print place so that the finished designs and invitations are precisely the same. The print is not blurry, which will reduce the luxury value of the invitation.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations and RSVP Cards

You can make invitation designs by adjusting the theme of the party that you are going to hold. If the theme of the wedding is bohemian, you can make invitations in this style too.

There are many inspirational designs for Bohemian wedding invitations and RSVP cards that you can get on the internet, or it doesn’t matter if you ask the vendor to make one. The hallmark of the bohemian style is usually far from being luxurious and playing with very bold colors.

To strengthen the bohemian impression, you can also add ornaments or accents that you made yourself to the invitation. Choose a decoration that depicts an antique and classic appearance for your wedding invitation card.