The wedding invitation card is one of the things that the bride and groom should consider in preparing for their wedding. This is mandatory because the invitation has the purpose of being a medium to convey happy news to the people closest to you.

For some pairs of bride and groom, they choose to be directly involved in preparing all the needs of the wedding, including making their own invitations even though they can actually be left entirely to the vendor. There are many reasons behind this, such as so that the invitation can be as expected or because you want to save on wedding costs.

For those of you who are also interested in making your own invitations, you will need information on how to make them, right? Here, we’ve listed a few ways to make do-it-yourself invitations.

Pick The Color You Want 

The first thing you need to consider is choosing the dominant color of the invitation. Planning the invitation color can usually be done after you and your partner have planned the concept of the wedding ceremony. For the best appearance of the invitation, you can use a predominance of colors that match your wedding party decoration.

In order for the appearance of your invitation to look elegant and polite, you need to limit the color of the invitation to a maximum of three colors so that you don’t overdo it. Using basic or neutral colors is sufficient. For inspiration, you can choose a cream or white color as the base color for your wedding invitation card.

After that, choose one or two bright colors as a combination. Make sure the color you choose contrasts between the writing and the invitation background so that it is easy to read.

Decide The Background

Once the color has been determined, it is time to design the background before adding text and images to the invitation design. If you have determined that the writing on the invitation is formal, then consider choosing a neutral and classic background. Meanwhile, if you decide to make your invitation writing more relaxed, a color combination or a bright and cheerful image can be an option.

Decide The Writings and Picture

The next thing to consider in making your own invitation is to determine the text and images. If you want to add a picture or text to the invitation, consider several options. It’s a good idea not to add too many images to the invitation, especially if you’ve created a textured background.

Try not to use more than two pictures in the invitation and make sure that the text that contains important information is the focus of the invitation you are making. Choose only one or two types of fonts to use so that they don’t seem overwhelming and easier to read.

Add Detail and Print the Invitation

It doesn’t matter if you want to add details to your invitation other than the predefined pictures and text. Currently, there are many invitation designs that are equipped with various elements as a sweetener on the outside. If you are interested, you can use the embossing technique, add ribbons, or put glitter on the invitation.

After all the parts of the invitation have been determined, make a rough example of the invitation with the ideal placement of pictures and writing. After these considerations are appropriate, make a final sample invitation. Make sure there are no typographical errors and that you know the exact size of the invitation you made.

After everything is in order, it is time to print out the invitations. Choose the type of paper that matches your invitation design. Try not to use glossy photo paper, as this is more easily damaged. Alternatively, you can use matte photo paper or cardboard.

You can print your own invitations at home or printing. If you decide to put it in a printing press, make sure you have set the budget so that it doesn’t swell.

Apart from how to make your own invitations, we have also listed some examples of the types of invitations that you can make. Listen to the explanation until the end, yes.

Engagement Invitation Card

Engagement events can usually be made less formal than weddings, as can the invitation. You can make the engagement invitation design more relaxed because it will only be given to friends or relatives who are really close.

If you want to save money, you can rely on the app to create your own invitations. There are many design applications that you can download on the internet and they already provide various design templates, from wedding invitations, birthdays, graduations, to engagement events.

If you want a minimalist concept, just look for the design you expect. After that, you can change the template, font type, size, location, date, and other related information as desired. When it’s finished, just select the save option and you can directly distribute it digitally or printed first.

Formal Invitation Card Sample

For formal events, the invitations given to guests should also be formal, for example, a wedding invitation made by the parents of the prospective bride and groom. In formal invitations, it usually doesn’t require a lot of detail, just writing that contains important information that is packaged briefly and is easy to read because it is given to invited guests who are usually parents or respected people.

It’s okay to add a little embellishment to the invitation as long as it doesn’t seem too much. You can use a white or cream base color for your invitations by choosing a dark and easy-to-read font.

The arrangement of this formal invitation generally starts with the name of the inviting parent, followed by an invitation to ask guests to come to the wedding ceremony. Under it are written the names of the bride and groom, where the name of the child of the invitee occupies the top position. Then write down the information about the location and time of the event.

Anniversary Invitation Card

The party does not only end at the wedding, on the anniversary of the wedding, not infrequently this moment is also celebrated as a form of gratitude because the couple has been able to go through the days together as a husband and wife. To invite people who are considered to have supported your journey across the household ark with your partner, you need to prepare the best anniversary invitation card.

If you have prepared the date, location, and dress code, now is the time to make an invitation. The best anniversary invitations are the ones that are personal.

To determine the design, first, determine the theme and color dominance at the party event. You can discuss it with your partner the colors, photos, and designs to make an invitation that you both like.

You can make a simple and elegant invitation with just text or you can choose your favorite photo of the two of you, maybe from your wedding day to include it in the invitation.

Marriage Invitation Card

To announce the wedding to friends and coworkers or other closest people, the bride and groom must spread out invitations. The existence of the marriage invitation card certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. If you are confused about the invitation design, try looking for some invitation inspiration on the internet.

For example, you want an invitation that is unique and different from most people, you can choose the basic color of the invitation from dark colors, such as navy. The navy color works well with the soft pink color.

This color combination can symbolize the strength and tenderness of the bride and groom. You can make a simple and elegant marriage invitation card from a navy base color and an accent or soft pink font.

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Wedding Invitation Card Sample

If you need inspiration for a feminine wedding invitation card, bright colors like a combination of white, red, and pink can be an option. From this color combination, you can add bright floral ornaments.

Nothing is prettier than a combination of floral patterns and bright colors, right? An invitation concept like this will look elegant, simple, and also have a romantic nuance with floral accents that adorn the edges of the invitation. A design like this is classified as not excessive and suitable for those of you who like simple things.

If you want another alternative, you can create an invitation concept with the theme of softness by replacing the floral design with soft green foliage accents. You don’t need to add this leaf accent to all invitations, just add it to the edge of the invitation so that the wedding card invitation you create looks simple and elegant.